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JCA Medical Seminars is one of the most highly regarded, Radiology CPD providers in the world, offering a range of courses with CPD credits in accordance with international schemes including The Royal College of Radiologists CPD Scheme and Malaysia Medical Council.

We bring together clinicians and health professionals from associated fields to share knowledge and expertise, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

From modest beginnings in Norfolk 17 years ago, JCA Seminars has grown exponentially and now serves an international client base, offering worldwide, medical seminars. We have achieved this through listening to our clients, and creating high quality programmes, that keep abreast of the latest developments.

We have remained focussed on Radiology, engaging with key clinicians worldwide to create cutting edge learning and knowledge sharing opportunities. From Cardiac CT and MRI, to Gynae and Breast Imaging, our well organised learning programmes offer you the opportunity to combine CPD with travel and the opportunity to share life-changing experience.

You will find our events based in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Malaysia and Dubai with the option to attend virtually from anywhere in the world.

If you have any ideas for CPD not already adequately covered, we value your suggestions and feedback so please do get in touch.

Jane Chandler

MD JCA Seminars Ltd

Subjects Covered

Our courses and workshops are mostly two day events offering comprehensive coverage of each topic. Below is an overview of subjects our medical seminars cover.

Each multiple day seminar offers 10 CPD credits made up of 5 CPD credits per day.

  • CT – With such fast growing CT technology, JCA Medical Seminars keeps you up to date with two courses a year delving into anatomy, pathology, methodology, latest techniques and research spanning interventional to multi slice.
    An Introduction to Computed Tomography Imaging or CT
  • MRI – Considering the expanding use of this modality, there are many areas in which to explore MRI. We hold an annual comprehensive five day MRI course – ‘The Bristol MRI Course’, this is ideal for students sitting their exams, and for Consultants with an interest in MR imaging of the many different areas of the body.
    An Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI
  • PET/CT – Our speakers for this seminar have managed their own PET department for several years and continually research this area. Our yearly course gives participants the benefit of the expert’s first hand experience and knowledge.
  • Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer – An opportunity to take an in depth look into the latest research, trials, imaging techniques and the treatment of these cancers which affect more and more of our population.
  • Advanced Trauma Management – This course covers: immediate on site first response through to scar plastic surgery and rehabilitation. Experts at the St Andrews centre for Burns  in South Essex that treat 85% of serious burn cases throughout Europe.
  • Emergency Preparedness – In these days of terrorism and frequent natural disasters, this two or three day course is an incredibly valuable tool in respect of risk assessment, planning, communication setup, scenario training and field exercises with the emergency services. This event is based in London and is led by the Lead of Disaster Recovery for the Ambulance service and other Emergency consultants, highly trained in emergency preparation.
  • Cardiac Imaging – Heart Disease – The fast-growing problem that we all face. Being able to identify as early as possible calcium build up, weakened veins and arteries is immensely helpful. Technology is available to diagnose these conditions with non-invasive and practical techniques. This course covers the why’s, wherefores, benefits and differences between modes of imaging. Guidelines we offer a Level 1 and 2 accredited Cardiac CT course.  Accredited by both the SSCI and the BSCI.
    An Introduction to Cardiac Imaging
  • Obstetric & Gynae Imaging – At an event recently, a Gynaecologist mentioned that wherever possible, they now do their own imaging in the course of their treatment and a seminar on the subject would be very valuable. Hence, we are developing our Obs & Gynae Imaging course discussing diagnostic Ultrasound & MRI in Obstetric Screening, Fatal heart abnormalities, Down’s syndrome, Fibroid embolization, ovarian and gynaecological cancers for both Gynaecologists and Radiologists.
    Introduction to Gynaecological Imaging and Ultrasound in Obstetrics

Please see our Upcoming Seminars page for the programme on any of these subjects and more… Each course offers CPD from The Royal College of Radiologists and other organisations.

Our team thoroughly researches the most requested subjects by talking to specialists in their field. The major part of our time is spent locating the most experienced speakers available to lecture for each course.

When participants depart, we intend they leave with knowledge reinforced, possibilities renewed, and spirits revived.

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