It’s Gynae Cancer Awareness Month!

This September we have a renewed focus on highlighting best practice for Radiologists working within Abdominal and Gynaecological Cancer Imaging. As we approach our Gynae Imaging Course, hosted online 16-17th November, we’ll provide a range of CME for Radiologists in diagnosing and staging some of the most common gynecologic cancers, including:

  • Cervical cancer⁣
  • Endometrial (womb) cancer⁣
  • Ovarian cancer⁣
  • Vaginal cancer⁣
  • Vulval cancer⁣

With some symptoms often hard to recognise for patients, Imaging continues to play a key role in diagnosing as early as possible.

As part of our CME update on the 16th November, we’ll hear from expert, Professor Ilan Tomor, joining us from the USA to present on Microvascular Doppler in diagnosing Borderline ovarian tumors (BOT) of low malignant potential, as part of our Ultrasound Imaging day. Oncology seminars will also be available on Day 2 on Friday 17th November.

Want to join our Gynae Imaging update on 16-17th November 2023? ,Click here to find out more.

If you’ve not seen the latest updates from The International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) group, head to which has lots of specific material relating gynecological ultrasonography.

For access to the most recent cancer imaging guidelines in the UK e.g. Guidance on Pole NGS Testing in Endometrial Carcinoma, head to the British Gynaecological Cancer Society website:

Want to gain free access to The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (IJGC)?

The Journal is pleased to offer free access to a selection of research articles and reviews from the past year. To take advantage of this access, visit:


If you or a family member requires any further support on a personal level, head to the Macmillan website which features a huge resource to support those being diagnosed and supporting friends and family:

Further website resources are available below:

Cancer Research UK:


We hope these links to key resources is helpful. If you’d like us to add anything more, please email