Meet the Radiology X-perts (Career in Radiology event)

On Wednesday 15th March, Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University campus will host an opportunity to hear from Radiology and Cardiology experts, as we host a special outreach ‘Career in Radiology’ event.

Radiologists from Addenbrookes will provide insight into their medical career to date, taking you through their journey at Medical School and showing what they now do as a Clinical Imaging Specialist on a day-to-day basis to impact patient lives. From working in emergency, through to Breast Imaging/Screening and Cardiology, you’ll find out first hand, how Radiologists and Cardiologists diagnose patients through

X-ray, Mammograms, CT, MRI and Ultrasound.

Suitable for Medical students, and students looking to work in the medical sector (sixth form students, Biomedical and Medical degree students looking to transfer into Medical School), through to Trainee Doctors yet to choose their speciality, this unique event offers insight into a rewarding career.

The event will run between 1-3pm at ARU (Cambridge campus) with the opportunity to watch the event live, online via Teams

For more information and to sign up book here:


This event is being delivered as a Live Project with Anglia Ruskin Event Management Degree students, contributing to their degree. Please support this event by sharing within the community, and to family and friends.