We’re with you!

JCA Seminars has been at the forefront of medical Imaging training for the NHS for the past 17 years. We have been privileged to see our trainee Radiologists become Consultants and have witnessed first hand the many changes in radiology over the past decade.

This includes observing the sustained impact of the lack of funding and investment into Training and essential Imaging Equipment in the NHS which has led us to the current health management crisis

That is why we have lent our support and voice to the Royal College of Radiologists for their urgent national call to the Government to invest in new training positions for clinical radiology over the next four years.

JCA Seminars has written to the Government to ask them to provide longer-term funding and investment in training places with an ongoing commitment over the next four years. We have asked them to extend their pledge of 110 new training places in clinical radiology and 50 in clinical oncology that was announced for this year, to each and every year for the next four years.

As I am sure you experience daily, the continued shortage of clinical radiologists and clinical oncologists is causing loss of lives and greatly hinders the efficacy of all doctors in the NHS and without urgent attention and funding from the Government, the ability to address the growing backlog of wait-listed patients impacted by Covid-19 will be severely strained.

Please join us in lending your voice and visit the RCR #Workforce campaign and write to your local MP.