Thursday 29th September 2022 is World Heart Day.

This year’s #USEHEART campaign by the World Heart Federation is an opportunity for everyone to take a moment to stop and consider how best to use heart for humanity, for nature, and for you. Beating cardiovascular disease is something that matters to every beating heart.

As a Medical training company we provide essential Cardiac Imaging Courses that as a result, we increase our community of Cardiologists and Radiologists, who are experts in diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

With untreated cardiovascular disease leading to serious complications including Heart attack and Stroke, the work Radiologists and Cardiologists do is key to saving lives. Find out more about CVD Risk Factors and Symptoms

CVD is most common in people over 50, increasing as you get older, and with men more at risk than women. With so much demand for Cardiac services, Cardiac MRI and Cardiac CT scans are key for diagnosing many conditions.

Through offering Cardiac MRI SCMR Level 1 and Cardiac CT (Level 1-2) accreditation courses, our team of experts from across the UK support those new to Cardiac Imaging and those keeping uptodate with the latest developments in Cardiac Imaging. In addition our Cardiac MRI for Radiographer courses (coming up 16-17 January 2023) ensure Radiographers have the specialist knowledge and experience required to capture the best possible Cardiac images for review.

Our new Cardiac MRI Hands-On Course, taking place 1-3rd November 2022, goes one step further and provides an opportunity for hands-on review of over 70 Cardiac MRI cases. Developed due to the difficulty in gaining opportunities to review Cardiac MRI cases, our course covers Ischaemic heart disease, Congenital cases in addition to Cardiomyopathies, Valves/Vascular, Pericardial disease/masses and Incidental findings.

View all our Cardiac Imaging Academy courses coming up