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Hybrid CPD a Hit with Radiologists

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Our first ever hybrid Radiology CPD Course was a huge success, following a long period for Radiologists & Radiographers, whose continuing professional development had been on hold, following the Spring 2020 COVID UK lock down.

Our Breast Imaging Course, was the first to be delivered both in person, at the Hyatt Birmingham, as well as virtually on 29/30 September. This unique combination enabled far more dialogue and case sharing than had been experienced by our attendees than in Zoom CPD sessions. Dr Sarah Vinnicombe introduced her first masterclass of the day with, “It’s a real please to actually go somewhere to talk, as opposed to doing a zoom meeting – so I’m very happy to be here.”

With 10 RCR CPD Scheme gained for attendance (with The Royal College of Radiologists), both virtual participants and attendees engaged heavily with our experienced, Consultant Radiologists.

Together we reviewed a range of cases and shared expertise regarding Breast Biopsy, Contract Enhanced Spectral Mammography, Secondary, Local Staging and Multifocal Breast Cancer, Breast Implants and Reconstruction and High Risk Breast Screening. In addition we learnt from Dr Teh as to his Radiological Perspective experience in Medicolegal Aspects of Breast Practice. A huge thank you to our speakers: Dr Kate Gower-Thomas Dr Sarah Tennant Dr. Sarah Vinnicombe Dr Aisling Butler Dr Sarah McWilliams Dr William Teh

For information on all other hybrid CPD courses coming up. Visit our courses page.

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