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It’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know a person dies of bowel cancer every 30 minutes in the UK?

Bowel Cancer Screening plays an essential role in detecting bowel cancer at an early stage, when treatment has the best chance of working. The test can also find polyps (non-cancerous growths), which might develop into cancer.

If a patient is referred for a scan after screening, a colonoscopy is one of the examinations which may be used to look at the lining of your whole large bowel, to see if there are polyps or a cancer within any part of it. Polyps can be removed during the procedure, to lower the risk of bowel cancer. To help people feel less worried about going for a colonoscopy, Bowel Cancer UK have developed a Colonoscopy Confidence campaign to find out what a colonoscopy is, what's involved and hear from people who have had a colonoscopy. More information here:


As a CT Colonography training provider, we play an important role in providing training to Radiologists and Radiographers in gaining confidence and techniques in preparing patients for a virtual colonoscopy and accurately diagnosing suspected colorectal cancer and identifying polyps.

Partnering with GE Healthcare, we have the following training courses coming up in the next few months to support specialists in expanding their CTC services across the world:


What can you do to help friends and family in recognising the symptoms of Bowel Cancer?

Here are three simple things you can do to help:

  1. Share the #KnowTheHigh5 symptoms of bowel cancer? Quiz across social media:

  2. Share this video on how to recognise the symptoms:

  3. Help raise vital funds for research and take part in the Active April challenge

To find out more about the Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaign here:

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