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- What if it ends up in a draw? One has bigger breasts, the other has lips, and the height is

same? - I decided to clarify, as an arbitrator, all the nuances of a drunken argument in advance.

“Well then, my bunny, a thousand dollars is yours,” the blue-eyed slyly looked at me

Volodya. “And maybe after your cocktail work somewhere in a good bar, not far from here?” I don't feel sorry for you.

Lenka and I imperceptibly looked at each other like hardened conspirators.

- A thousand dollars accepted! - I said and immediately portrayed deep disappointment, mockingly looking directly into Volodya's blue eyes: - But with a cocktail it will not work. You know, it is forbidden for us, croupiers, to meet with clients.

Major threw up his hands in annoyance.

- Bummer ... w-sorry ... w-sorry ... bunny.

Without ceasing to smile and not losing sight of the laid out cards, I slightly turned to

Lenka and quietly uttered the password word:

- Thumbelina.



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