Radiology in Action in Kuala Lumpur!

JCA Seminars has two big reasons to celebrate this week. We have just returned from a highly successful weeklong seminar in Kuala Lumpur, after a two-year delay, due to Covid-19.

We were delighted to be back, bringing our state-of-the-art Cardiac CT level 2 course to radiologists and doctors from all over the world; New Zealand, Baghdad, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tehran and of course Malaysia.

Our long-time clinical lead, Dr Azhar Khokhar Consultant Cardiologist, Head of Cardiovascular Imaging at Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, with 20 years expertise and experience was so bombarded with questions, it was hard for him to take a coffee break!

Our JCA Cardiac CT courses, like this one, uses real cases collected over Dr Khokhar’s long career, with every type of pathology from complex cases, rare disorders to unclear scan’s that Dr Khokhar has collected for our delegates to consider.

We are very proud to say that this was our 26th Cardiac course that Azhar has led for JCA Seminars, with the 27th coming up in Essex on June 17th – July 1st. We hope there will be many more!

It brings home how lucky we are in the UK to have access to these highly regarded specialists.

We were thrilled to get back to an in-person course and to meet everyone. It is so valuable to connect and share vital information and knowledge with highly trained and eager Radiologists, Cardiologists and Trainee colleagues from far reaching countries and enjoy wonderful food, with the exotic backdrop of night markets and the Batu Caves.

And we had our very own Radiology emergency, with an eye-opening example of Radiology in action!

Our intrepid leader and CPD training expert of 17 years Jane Chandler, winding down after ensuring the smooth running of the course had an unfortunate accident, slipping on the tiled floor in her hotel room and hitting the back of her head. While bruised and stunned she needed medical attention. Jane thinking of her new friends she has just spent a week with, she called Fariq a Consultant Radiologist working in Kuala Lumpur hospitals who had also taught on the course. Going over and above his duty, Fariq jumped in his car, manoeuvring through Malaysian traffic he picked Jane up from her hotel and got her in for a CT scan within hours. He wrote up a reference with meticulous notes and measurements and gave her a safe prognosis there and then, helping calm her worried nerves and gave her a very welcome thumbs up.

We owe much to Dr Fariq and could not be more grateful for his kind actions and his conscientious professionalism.